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What You Need to Know to Hire the Perfect Wedding Videographer

What is one of the most common regrets brides have after the wedding? Not hiring a videographer to capture the spirit and story of their wedding day. Having the ability to watch the video and relive the magic of your wedding day anytime you want with your spouse is something you’ll treasure long into the future.

If videography is a priority for you and your fiance, and something you’ve got the room in your budget for, we recommend setting up a time to meet with your selected videographer. You will want to communicate some of the personal details of your big day – give them an idea of special moments to look out for that you’ll want to be captured and included in the final edit.

Just like with all your vendors, make sure you review the work of any potential videography vendors you might want to work with. You will also want to get an idea of the style of video you want to ensure that your vision aligns with the style of the videographer you hire. Are you interested in a documentary-like video of your wedding, or do you want something with a bit more of a cinematic approach? You will also want to consider the audio for your video. Are you wanting sound bites from the ceremony and reception captured? Or do you want any specific music used in the final video? Keeping these things in mind when looking for a videographer will help ensure that your vision comes true.

When hiring a videographer, ask them how many weddings they have filmed and ask for a sample. Ask them if they know your photographer. Although photographers and videographers have two very different jobs, they both have one end goal — to capture your memories. If they do not know each other, consider having a meeting before the big day. Introduce them to each other and explain what you want to be captured, then the two creatives can make a game plan.

A videographer is a must for your big day. It is going to fly by too quickly, and you will want to remember everyone’s emotional reactions.