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What’s First on Your Wedding Planning To-Do List?

There is an adage that is as true for weddings as it is for real estate: Location, Location, Location. Picking your Texoma area wedding venue is important and should be one of the first items – if not the first item – on your wedding planning to-do list. After all, isn’t your wedding just as big of an investment and as important of a life event as buying a house or purchasing space for your business? We think so.

Your wedding venue sets the tone for the entire day, and most importantly, helps you choose and/or secure the date for your big day. It can also influence other important factors on your wedding to-do list, such as theme, style, cost, number of vendors, and the amount of work you, personally, must put into the wedding.

This can all create a lot of pressure and stress when you think about venue selection – but not to worry! The Texoma Bride Guide has broken all this information down into three categories filled with helpful steps and plenty of information to assist you with narrowing down your options: things to consider before you visit a venue, during a visit, and after a visit. Download our Venue guide for more information.